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Aspiring to craft personalized spaces

with design expertise, delivering homes that uniquely embody the clients' personalities and fulfill their needs
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In Timothy Cheng's early years, growing up in a single parent family, they didn't have much. He cared for his mom who suffered from schizophrenia single-handedly at a very young age and they would receive welfare from the government and church every so often to help make ends meet. Despite these difficult beginnings, Cheng has gone on to be the founder and director of Dezigner Labs. He aspires to create good and functional design through his passion for interior design and hope to provide clients with homes that reflect their unique personalities and needs.

Today, as a Christian, he devotes his life and business to God and serves as a Board of Director at Children's Wishing Well.

  • To design interior customized and quality home according to the family's needs.

  • To provide quality home decor with the latest and most modern relevant advisory.

  • To be equal opportunity toward our clientele, home decor, and renovation providers.

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To assist our clients to design a functional and comfortable home that every family wants to come back to with the least hassle with regards to the interior design process and renovation execution.



We value honesty and integrity.



We strive to create a better environment in design, functionality, and ergonomics.



We strive to improve our services by adapting to different demands.



We take our design seriously, always mindful of our client's needs.

We believed in T.E.A.M work will bring the CONCEPT TO REALITY



Review for Boon Tiong

Timothy is dedicated and has an eye for details. He helped us source for most of the fixtures in the house and made arrangements to help us save costs. He was patient in explaining the pros and cons of each solution and design, and did not mind reworking the designs when we changed our minds. He also thoroughly checked the final work product after completion.

- Jessie Hoang, 01 September 2018


Review for Flora Drive

Well communication on the progress

Always provide few alternate solution with pros and cons

Think of practical usage and balance nice outlook design

Very responsible and deliver high quality output

- Kim Yew Leong, 11 November 2017

Review for Costa Del Sol

I wanted a Blum Kitchen that is functional, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. I am very happy that Dezigner Lab's Timothy met these specifications spot on!

- Sally Liew, 29 April 2019


Ready to get your dream house?

Our team is ready to guide you through the journey of creating a home that reflects your unique taste and preferences

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