Timothy Cheng, the founder, and director of Dezigner Labs, grew up in a less fortunate home, whose family used to receive welfare from government and church from time to time. Having to care for his mom who suffered from schizophrenia single-handedly at a very young age, Timothy has learnt how to thrive in whatever environment he is in. Today their lives are much better. Understanding the importance of a home, he hopes to build and design houses for his clients. With his story, he has proven that we can all rise above our circumstances.


Dezigner Labs is an interior design company that covered a wide range of interior services to clients from all walks of life. We are committed to creating a better environment in design, functionality and ergonomic. As a team, always keep ourselves innovative by doing our own research & development. We will guide the clients with the latest recommendations aligned with their vision from CONCEPT TO REALITY.


To design interior customized and quality home according to the family’s needs.

To provide quality home decor with the latest and most modern relevant advisory.

To be equal opportunity toward our clientele, home decor, and renovation providers.


To assist our clients to design a functional and comfortable home that every family wants to come back to with the least hassle with regards to the interior design process and renovation execution.

Core Values

Trust – We value honesty and integrity.

Environment – We strive to create a better environment in design, functionality and ergonomic.

Adaptability – We strive to improve our services by adapting to different demands.

Mindful – We take our design seriously, always mindful of our client’s needs.

We believed in T.E.A.M work will bring the CONCEPT TO REALITY.